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Ascending IT is a Delaware, insured corporation that provides IT consulting, support and project management efforts with a wide range of expertise across many specializations and industries.  The entire company strives to provide a service that is continually improving to add value to our clients through strategic partnerships and continued learning efforts across subjects such as industry best practices, certifications, communication efforts, transparency, efficiencies, new technologies, methodologies, metrics/reporting, et cetera.




Below, we'll walk you through five (5) key takeaways on why you should work with us.


Let us both ascend through a strategic partnership between our companies.

Core Values

01. Our Clients

Clients, clients, clients!  From small businesses to large enterprises, we love working with each of our clients and treat each engagement as a true, high value engagement with a client we're fortunate to get to work with. 


Look through some of our clients we have worked with and some testimonials.  Don't take our word for it, take theirs.  Some of our clients are so impressed with our work, they are more than happy to connect with you and discuss our work with them.  Feel free to request a live, direct discussion with our clients. 

02. Our Philosophy

We truly try to defy the "pick two" logic in terms of "fast, cheap, good".  By providing the right experts, tools, best practices, above reproach ethics, transparency, honesty, et cetera - We can offer affordable, solid solutions in a timely manner.  This is how we produce solid results and happy customers, engagement after engagement.

All of our team strive to never leave our clients feeling in the dark.  To achieve this, we are highly transparent and strive for clear, timely communications throughout each engagement.   

03. Our Team & Expertise

Our team is kept to a light, agile and strong team of experts that all thrive to learn, grow, and further their expertise.  By keeping to a smaller team, we can better guarantee our work, collaboration and our ability to keep it simple, clean and transparent to our clients.  Often times a client may work with a handful of different agents during one or multiple engagements, which detracts from the agent(s) and client working knowledge, communication efforts, et cetera.  As such, we will always try to match up our clients with their companies subject matter expert / primary resources whenever possible.  

Xavier Tarbert, President of Ascending IT, is involved in each project and directly meets with every client before each engagement.  Beyond this, Xavier always makes time for the team and or clients.  No one on our team is ever "off limits", from the top down.

04. Our Flexible Services

We understand that each company has both different processes and needs.  This is why our offerings are highly flexible to meet your requirements.  From providing a full-time contracted consultant to projects-to-project to our Ascension of Services offering.  If none of these fit, we'll work with you to find a solution and offering that will fit your needs.  

For further information on our key service offerings, please use the links below.

We also understand that each industry has different best practices, audits, and unique processes, metrics, assets, et cetera.  Our team has worked with many different industries and have extensive backgrounds we pull on to make sure we deliver with your industry and specific companies needs in mind.  

See some of the industries we work with on a consistent basis, please use the link below.

05. Our Results

End of the day, it's all about results and the experience of the service.  We highly encourage you to speak to our clients and our team, listen to what insights each can give then you will be empowered to make an educated decision on if partnering with Ascending IT is a strategic partnership or not for your company.  We hope to close and work with each client we meet with, however we also admit that not all customers or specific projects are a match with us and our team.  

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