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Ascension of Services

Ascension of Services, or commonly referred to as AoS, is our custom and dynamic service offering that could be compared to a Managed Services Provider or Escalation Support offering.


What is AoS?  Ascension of Services is a service where our clients purchase a bucket of hours, in which the more hours the more discounts are applicable, that can be used for any and all project and or IT needs. 

What is covered by AoS?  Simply put:  Everything.  We support projects, escalation support, daily checks, health checks, advisement meetings, architect discussions, planning, audit assistance, training of new or existing members of your company, documentation needs, et cetera.  The list goes on and on.  If we have an expert for it, we cover it.  If we do not, we will do everything in our power to help.  Nothing is off limits. 

What is the availability of AoS?  365/24/7 with defined Service Level Agreements (SLA's).  With guidance on how to reach out for emergency support with a quick SLA turn around for our engagement to helping with a backlog when we're next in the system helping with standard or priority work - AoS covers it all, year round and all day.  Never need help and be left without again - Let us be there to assist for both emergencies and for when you just hit a wall.

What is the typical use-cases of AoS?  Typically, we see AoS used for smaller projects, emergency support, audit assistance, and general IT consulting across many platforms, industries, et cetera.  Some clients engage us each quarter or year to help with metrics, audits, scheduled maintenance, et cetera.  Other clients keep their AoS engagement low but use us between bigger engagements with us to help advise, jump in for emergencies, et cetera.  Our longer standing clients have started to use AoS to get discounted rates by purchasing more hours upfront and then using them for all their large-scale projects.

Why not just engage for active project or consulting needs?  By using AoS you have access to our agents 365/24/7 for all your emergency needs, which by nature come up unexpectedly and need quick engagement.  Waiting for the paperwork and approvals to engage fresh for these instances can be very impacting and painful.  With AoS, you have Service Level Agreements (SLA's) from our team to help ensure you get a timely response for each level of service.  Beyond the emergency or escalation support being readily available, if you have planned projects coming up you are able to get discounted rates by rolling all your needs into AoS without worrying about scope - As AoS covers it all.  

How does AoS billing work?  If you haven't gathered from above, this offering is very flexible to your company's needs and billing is no different.  The more guaranteed hours, the greater the discount for all the hours.  If you're not ready to commit to a bigger order, then as additional hours are added under your AoS engagement the discounted rate will be reviewed each time.  Now, as for the billing we have multiple options and plans.  Typically, the amount of hours committed to is divided up by the billing cycle of your choice, in which monthly or quarterly is most common.  Other clients pay all up front to get even more discounts.  We will tailor this to your company's needs, allowing you to be in control and budget effectively.

What happens to unused hours?  Most AoS contracts are set for 1-year terms, in which anytime from signing to 1-calendar-year later the hours can be used.  At any point, during or at the end of the year, the hours may be converted to a new AoS agreement or put towards a project/other engagement with us. 

Our offering of AoS can be as dynamic as you need.  From supporting you between engagements with a minimal bucket of hours for emergencies, solution advisement, training, auxiliary assistance, et cetera to large buckets of hours that cover all your planned projects plus everything between at a discounted rate.  Many of our clients use and continue to renew this service offering after our first engagement, allowing our team to be there when and how you need.  Reach out today to see if our AoS offering is right for you and your team. 

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